Influence of Hormone Changes on Dental Health in Women

Hormone ChangesThe health of women is closely associated with the production of sex hormones. The increase of them is distinctly noticed at puberty and it’s a fact that it remains stable during the life of a reproductive woman. The result of imbalance in hormone reproduction is usually expressed in the onset of the menstrual cycle. According to the results of recent studies, this hormone boost is usually accompanied by the dilation of small blood vessels that are originally located in the gums. This dilation is usually characterized by swelling, gingival bleeding and redness.

Besides, microbiological changes that take place in the body of a woman can easily provide a change from a healthy microbial flora to a more negative one. The dental health of a woman cannot stay indifferent to all these hormone changes and the development of plaque and tartar can be increased significantly. That is why women of all ages need to develop good oral hygiene habits and combine them with dental visits and cleanings. This sort of inflammation which is typical for women at puberty turns to decrease when a woman gets older.

At the same time menstruation gingivitis can also be detected in women that come through hormone changes. They can usually notice sensitive gums and bleeding. To decrease all the symptoms of menstruation gingivitis, a woman needs to take care of dental health in the proper way. She can regulate the level of severity or discomfort.

Another problem a woman can face dealing with dental problems is the consequences associated with the use of oral contraceptives. The thing is estrogen and progesterone that are usually contained in oral contraceptives make the body of a woman believe that it is pregnant. That is why such a dental condition as gingivitis can be usually met in women that use birth control pills.

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