Iowa Mission of Mercy Spent about $300,000 on Dental Care

Dental CareA lot of people get their dental problems fixed thanks to the Mission of Mercy that comes to a different state every month. This time, the Iowa Mission of Mercy managed to provide about 3,000 dental services which are valued at $300,000. The main sponsor of the event appeared to be the Iowa Dental Foundation that is recognizing the presence of certain obstacles for receiving timely dental care. People could receive the dental care services disregarding their income or insurance.

The event started at 6 a.m. and finished at to 5 p.m.. Those people that were interested in free dental services, they could come to the Mid-America Center, 1 Arena Way and to wait for their turn. The line was really long and before the clinic started accepting patients, 200 people appeared in front of it to get rid of their dental health issues. It happened that the patients were not just the residents of Iowa but people living in Wisconsin could also come and get the long waited relief.

Dentists state that the patients came for solving a great range of dental issues. Cleanings, bone loss were not that rare to deal with and dentists needed to apply all the skills to get the problems fixed. Some patients had infected teeth that needed to be pulled. Dentists consider that such a variety and progressed forms of dental problems could only be caused by delays in dental services and examinations.

Dentists confirmed that the main mission of them is to get people out of pain and save as many teeth as possible. They do not create pain, they use it to reduce a lot of other pain. Most of patients needed to wait for more than two hours to get the pain alleviated but they were really happy to see a dentist.

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