Kellogg Family Dental Foundation Held Free Dentistry Day

free dental dayThere is always a holiday when a dental office provides free dental services to citizens of an area. The same thing happened to the residents of Howell Saturday when the Kellogg Family Dental Foundation decided to hold a free dentistry day for the sixth time. That is a great opportunity for people who cannot afford dental services and have to suffer from dental pain for years. The sixth free dental care day took place at Kellogg Dental, 1250 Byron Road.

The project was realized with the help of Dentistry From the Heart which is a mission that includes about 200 dental offices and has its presence in almost all the US states. The team included six professional and experienced dentists and one oral surgeon. As a result, patients managed to get the professional dental care and most of their problems were solved with no efforts. The registration for the services started at 7a.m. and a lot of people appeared to be waiting for the needed dental services already.

Those patients who came first were served first but dentists did their best to serve as many patients as possible. Patients who were lucky to be served managed to get such services as cleanings, extractions and fillings. Though there was just one day of free dental services, the preparation for this event took about 9 months. About 65 volunteers assisted the dentists arranging everything in the clinic to invite all the patients.

Those patients who received the free dental services last year could devote their time for free and helped other patients fix the dental problems. For the last four years, the clinic succeeded to collect $150,000 and to serve more than 800 patients. The constant demand for the services confirms that the citizens are not able to get dental insurance and to get dental services on time. As a result, the growing number of patients is waiting for the services to become more affordable.

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