Kid’s Free Dentistry Day in Coweta County

Kid’s Free DentistryThere are several opportunities to get affordable dental care for kids and one of them will be presented on Saturday, June 27. Kids will have a chance to get free examination and cleanings. The event will be organized in Coweta County and all kids under 13 will have a chance to get useful advice and recommendations on how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. It is just one day when parents can save on dental services and the name for this day will be Kid’s Free Dentistry Day.

Thanks to a number of dentists that volunteer their time and skills, parents can register their kids and prevent them from pain and bad mood. Dentists state that the main purpose of this event is to provide the needed services and to improve the oral health of kids in their community. Besides, these services are considered to be a part of Kid’s Free Dentistry Day which is dedicated to providing the needed dental care to kids in need. In addition, the team of dentists considers that dental and oral health should be treated as an integral part of overall heart.

Any kid should know or to get educated how to take care of their teeth and how to develop dental health habits that will make the process of keeping the teeth clean much easy. Besides, if parents cannot manage to teach their kids, this event is a perfect chance to introduce your kid to dental care and to make it in the form of a game.

In addition to dental services, your kids will have a chance to get a free hearing and session screening but this opportunity will be presented just for the first 300 kids. This number of examinations will comply with the requirement for school enrollment.

Day: June 27
Registration: 770-502-9733

Photo by [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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