Lawrence Ruf Charitable Fund Supports Dental Care Programs

Dental Care ProgramsThanks to the former accountant of Exxon Corp. and the money contributed for the purposes of improving oral health of children from poor families, the Lawrence Ruf Charitable Fund was founded. With the help of the Manatee Community Foundation, a new dental hygiene program was started several years ago and now children can get free dental care services including dental examinations, cleanings and sealants.

This program is not only designated to low-income children and their families but, also, to seniors who cannot afford expensive dental procedures. Dentists consider that the importance of dental care for vulnerable populations is increased nowadays and timely dental hygiene may prevent numerous dental health problems.

Thanks to Ruf, 26 local community organizations received money to start this free dental care program. It is not only dental programs that are supported by the Ruf Fund but it also provides money for different education purposes such as scholarships and provides students with different dental hygiene tools. There are a lot of educational programs started by the Fund and the role of them is really crucial as parents and their kids may easily get the needed information on how to prevent different dental problems.

Additionally, free dental clinics were organized by dental students with the help of this Fund and are supervised by licensed dentists and dental hygiene instructors. It is not a problem for parents to call those free dental clinics and to make an appointment. Moreover, these free dental clinics are a great idea as parents could receive education in consideration of brushing and flossing which may actually help kids preserve healthy teeth and gums. You should not be afraid that these free dental clinics have students that work on the teeth. Their work is constantly checked by a supervisor and no mistake will be left undiscovered.

Photo by Joshua Valcarcel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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