Medicaid Fails to Provide Affordable Dental Care

affordable dental careNorth Carolina’s Missions of Mercy program appears to be really effective in providing adults and kids with affordable and free dental services. Thanks to enthusiasm of dentists and volunteers, a lot of people received the proper dental care and managed to cope with dental pain. On the one hand, the results are astonishing and people who had no money for dental services could receive all the needed cleanings and removals.

On the other hand, the practice demonstrated a systematic failure of developing a network of affordable dental care. That is why hundreds of people had to stand in line for hours to get the needed dental services. Some dentists stated that the Affordable Care Act happens to bring some difference into the dental care system. But still, there are desperate patients looking for the relief of dental pain. Governors do not actually understand how important to provide time dental care is. A lot of kids cannot learn and study due to dental problems and growing dental pain.

At the same time, adults who do not receive timely dental care are not really effective at work as they could be. But, the Affordable Care Act underlines the importance of dental health. Thanks to this Act, children’s dental care appeared to be a crucial benefit but not each family can afford it. That is why the situation in the dental care sphere has not changed a lot and kids do not get the proper dental care on time. Any dentist understands that there should be real measures taken to change the situation.

Advocates stated that the financial contribution into Medicaid should be higher. The marketplace should take certain changes to make insurance more affordable. The impact on expanding permanent clinics for low-income customers should be made. Governors should not waste time and they need to get to business right now to have the wanted benefits within the shortest time possible.

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