Medical Tourism Agency Provides Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental Implants AbroadPerfect Profiles is a medical tourism agency that previously sent UK patients to Poland and Hungary for treatment. This was meant to save money by providing a cost effective option for people who find UK dental prices too high.

But with the price of UK dental implants becoming affordable, Perfect Profiles is now sending overseas dentists to clinics in Wolverhampton and Luton, instead of patients to dentists in other countries. The company said that the advantages of bringing the dentists are obvious. For the same low cost, patients get high quality implants without the high costs and the inconvenience of going overseas. Dental implants are perfect for people who are missing some of their teeth.

The same high quality implants are also available in Poland and Hungary for a third of the costs than that in the UK but it is often not just a one-off procedure. More often than not, customers are required to go back to the dentist twice or thrice over the next couple of months. If you factored in the flights, food, hotels and the time off from work, then there are no more savings from going overseas for the treatment.

Implants can last a lifetime if they are treated right. The crown attached to the implant will wear and it needs to be replaced in three to ten years. UK dentists are sometimes reluctant to work on a treatment that was done by another dentist, especially if the treatment was made outside the UK. They said that it is due to difference in materials used as well as the procedure.

Perfect Profiles has two locations for patients. These locations can be accessed via public transport or car. That’s why a lot of customers from all over England and Wales are going to the clinics. Luton Airport also provides access for patients from Ireland and Scotland.

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