Mobile Dental Team to Make Dental Services More Accessible

Mobile Dental TeamPoor families need more help either financial or medical and when it comes to the choice of visiting a dental clinic or buying food, they usually choose the later. The selection of these opportunities does not let kids get the proper dental care and most of them suffer from dental problems like dental cavity, bad oral hygiene and other associated issues.

And finally those kids start suffering a lot of diseases as a result of their bad oral health. Thanks to a mobile dental clinic that provides free dental services, a lot of kids from poor families will get the proper dental care and will have a chance to fix all the dental problems. The dental clinic started visiting under-served neighborhoods in the Washington D.C. area. The greatest thing about this idea is that the project functions each year and a van with two dental chairs and a team of dental professionals have about 30 locations to visit and to serve children that experience the need for dental care.

The dental professionals serve all the kids disregarding how much money their parents earn and at the same time, they are trying to make their dental care as pleasant as possible for their kids. Graham who is the leader of the dental team considers that the mobile dental services do not only make the dental services more affordable but at the same time more accessible.

It is sometimes rather hard to find free time and to visit a dentist and to prevent serious dental problems. The parents prefer waiting till the last minute and just when a kid starts filling awful pain, they start looking for immediate dental assistance. The team is trying to cooperate with the communities and is trying to visit schools where they can find the patients.

Photo by Walter Baxter [CC-BY-SA-2.0], undefined

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