Mobility Added to Dentist Office in the Bay Area

mobile DentistBay Area tech companies provide several benefits in their offices such as dry cleaning, car washes, and free lunch. These are incentives to bolster the productivity of their employees. Now they are also bringing the dentist to their offices.

One of the tech companies that partnered with Studio Dental is Tagged. Studio Dental brought a mobile dental clinic to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. The dental truck has 250 square foot and Tagged workers enjoy the convenience that it brings to them.

One of the Tagged employees who saw the dentist is Jeffrey Ouyand. He managed to get back to his desk in just 45 minutes. The average time to see a dentist is three to four hours. Tagged spokesman Steve Sarner said that allowing workers to visit the dental office provide balance to their work life.

Dr. Sara Creighton stated that tech companies in the Bay Area they have partnered with help with the insurance processing and scheduling. The mobile dental clinic has two chairs that can treat more than 100 patients each week. Workers don’t have to pay for treatments because the company insurance covers the treatment.

Studio Dental can handle treatments, such as teeth cleaning, veneers and root canals. The custom-designed trailer is the first mobile dental office in San Francisco. Workers can get their dental treatment right outside the office’s parking lot.

Dr. Sara Creighton started Studio Dental buy selling her brick-and-mortar dental office. She wanted visiting the dentist to be more convenient for the patients. It is for busy professionals who can’t go to the dental office across town.

After she earned her DDS from the University of the Pacific, she set up her practice with a classmate. Then she formed Studio Dental with one of her patients Lowell Caulder. They used website Indiegogo to crowd-fund the venture.

Photo by Walter Baxter [CC-BY-SA-2.0], undefined

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