New Affordable Clinic for Residents of Robeson

affordable dental facilityThe officials of East California University are ready to hire professional and experienced dentists for their new dental care facility. They are looking for eleven people for different positions. The interview process is in progress and they hope to complete it within the shortest time possible. The team of this new clinic will consist of dental assistants, desk clerks, two hygienists and a full time dentist. This new dental facility is to be open in January.

The primary mission of this center is to provide training for dental students by serving low-income residents of Robeson. The preparation for this great opening will take about three weeks. The community of the Robeson County supports the idea of opening this dental clinic and officials are really happy with this consequence.

The cost of the services will not be high but at the same time the clinic will not be a free one. In any case it’s a great chance to get fast and professional dental services at a reduced cost. Moreover, any parent will be able to get these dental services for their kids and they will not need to go to another county to get them.

The number of services will be really enormous and not a single patient will be left suffering from pain. It seems that residents of Robeson will be able to save on dental services soon. Most of residents suffer from dental pain and they are looking forward to this big day. Students that will be practicing there will be supervised by a highly qualified dentist and there will not be a chance for students to make a mistake. The officials are not going to stop here and they have a plan to open such facilities in other rural areas statewide. Before visiting this clinic you need to sign up by calling it or you can come there and do it as well.

Contacts: 252-737-7504

Photo by DoD [Public domain], undefined

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