New Approaches to Dental Care Not Effective

teeth brushingThere are a lot of old and new ways of keeping your smile bright but there are a lot of disputes concerning which of the ways to clean your teeth is the most effective and would provide you with fast and effective results. Some people tend to use oil pulling and they find it rather beneficial, as it is said that oil pulling can substitute daily brushing and it has a lot more benefits.

The procedure of oil pulling is simple and you just need to keep natural oil in your mouth for 20 minutes in the morning. As a result of this simple procedure, you will have a chance to strengthen your teeth and gums, whitening of your teeth will become more effective and the problems with cavities will be reduced. Thanks to the ability to reach the blood stream fast, natural oil can play a great role in regulating your hormone imbalances and reducing arthritis inflammation. It is not a complete list of health benefits you can have.

But a lot of people cannot understand how coconut oil can correct your hormonal imbalances and most of the research results seem to be rather skeptical. None of a dentist can explain how it can help you get these results and how a patient can improve dental health. Besides, a lot of dental patients question why someone would need to replace toothpaste with natural oil. Brushing without toothpaste is as effective as brushing with toothpaste and any toothpaste is a source of some dental fresheners and dental medicines such as sodium fluoride.

That is why a lot of dentists cannot accept the idea of changing toothpaste for some natural oil as people will lose the chance to have strong and healthy teeth. Besides, not everyone has a chance to spend 20 minutes in the morning instead of two minutes spent on brushing and one on flossing. At the same time, a lot of dentists consider that if a patient will stop brushing, such serious dental diseases as gingivitis, periodontitis will be a part of your life.

From this point of view, the use of natural oil will bring just harm and damage to your teeth and you will need to restore your health for a lot of time. To get the proper results in teeth whitening, you can use toothpaste that contain teeth whitening ingredients that will start acting immediately and you will have a chance to get the needed results within the shortest time possible. Besides, before you take any decision, you need to have a consultation with your dentist and just a professional will need to decide whether this way of dental care is good for you or not.

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