New Class of Dentists Will Solve Issues with Medicaid Patients

dentist at workThere are certain problems with dental care services in Vermont and it is expected that about 6,000 patients will be receiving the dental care through visiting the emergency room. The problem is actual in a lot of American states and low income patients will not have a chance to get the needed dental services.

At the same time, there is a plan to provide low income patients with access to dental services with the help of a separate class of dental professionals. But, this idea is not supported by the Vermont State Dental Society and the problem is not in the lack of the dental care professionals that may help them but in the affordability of those services.

Not everyone can get an appointment and fix the dental issues immediately but most of people that experience tough times can only get the services with the help of Medicaid. Comparing to the issues in the dental care system in other states, we can state that they are the same and are closely associated with the low reimbursement rates of the state supported programs in the sphere of dental services for low income patients.

There are a lot of dentists in Vermont but they cannot afford providing services to people that are on Medicaid. Senators decided to solve the problem by voting for creation of a new group of dentists that will be able to get engaged into such dental procedures as fillings and drilling.

The name for these dental professionals will be dental therapists and they will have a financial possibility to provide low cost services for those on Medicaid. This solution will solve the problem of affordability of the dental services in Vermont and dentists will have a chance to cover the expenses. At the same time, a dental therapist will be paid less because of low cost of the dental services.

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