New Clinic Construction in Albert Lee

New Dental ClinicCommunity representatives and city leaders of Albert Lee gathered in one place with the purpose of groundbreaking of a new dental clinic. The celebration is devoted to the construction of Advanced Family Dental which is supposed to be finished at the end of January 2015. Dentists who are going to work there have dreamt about this day for a long time. With the growing demand for dental services in northern Albert Lee, there appeared a need for a new dental clinic to cope with dental problems of the community.

The dental company called Advanced Family Dental started providing dental services in Albert Lee three years ago and the team of professional dentists have never regret about it. The volume of patients served has increased from 1,200 to 2,800 for three years. Now the existing clinic cannot serve so many people as they are simply running out of space.

Due to these difficulties, the decision on building a new clinic was taken. Besides, about 97% of contractors will come from the community which can guarantee a professional and honest approach to project realization. The new clinic will include state-of-art technology and the number of jobs will be increased. The new team will include a dentist with two hygienists and three dental assistants. At the same time the team of Advanced Family Dental will use the available dental space for hiring such dental professionals as oral surgeons.

This approach will provide convenience for the community of Albert Lee. The community is rather thankful to city leaders for providing such a chance to increase the number of dental services and dental professionals. This clinic will help talented students to get the needed practice and provide them with jobs. That is a really exciting day for the citizens of Albert Lee and Freeborn County.

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