New Dental Clinic to Be Built in Rapid City

New Dental Clinic in Rapid CityResidents of Rapid City are really tired of looking for clinics that provide medical and dental care. At the moment, they have just a choice whether to look for the services they need or to pay for regular health and dental services. That is why the Community Health Center of the Black Hills decided to reduce this hesitation concerning this choice. Representatives of this community decided to cut down expenses of residents for dental care living in this area.

Rapid City families are looking forward to a new alternative to what they have right now. The construction of a new clinic that would provide general health and dental services has finally started. The new building will cost about $6,000,000 and will be represented as a 27,000 square foot facility. This clinic will provide residents with a chance to get affordable dental services without any need to look for alternative health services. This new construction will help the Community meet the needs as they have been waited for such a clinic for years. Among new services people will be able to use x-rays, laboratory and a pharmacy.

The mission of this new clinic is to provide general health and dental services for people that do not have insurance or do not have enough money to afford private health services. People of the Community will have an opportunity to get dental services with a discount that can be different depending on income. The size of this discount will also depend on the family size.

The community representatives also consider that unemployment should not be a factor that would influence receiving affordable rates. This clinic is not that case and the discount will be calculated in an individual way. As a result of this reduced cost dental services people will be encouraged to pay attention to preventative care in the form of teeth cleanings and cancer screenings.


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