New Destinations for Dental Tourists

Dental TouristsThe Maltepe Dental Clinic has stated that there was an increase in dental tourism in Turkey due to the fact that dental care is too expensive in some European countries. Turkey has become known for its dental tourism as patients get quality services at low prices.

Due to the increase of dental tourism in the country, more dental clinics are launching websites to target overseas customers. One of them is the Maltepe Dental Clinic in Istanbul. Its website tries to educate dental consumers on the benefits as well as the ease of dental tourism to Turkey. Customers from all over Europe can use the website to book for their dental vacations at reasonable prices.

Medical quality has been increasing the East while medical prices continued to soar in the West. The Maltepe Dental Clinic has advanced equipment and their dentists use BEYOND, PICASSO and CEREC technologies. The staffed are trained overseas and can speak several languages to make it easier to communicate with foreign patients. Its standards are at par with TEMOS, a German independent certification organization that promotes the improvement of the quality of medical tourism.

Patients can get preventive dental care, laser dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, and more from dental clinics in Turkey. Other procedures such as dental implants, zirconium or porcelain crowns, and laminate veneers are also offered by the Maltepe Dental Clinic. The clinic also provides cosmetic surgery for international patients.

Booking for dental vacations can start by contacting via telephone, email, or through Skype. The patient will discuss the treatments and can ask about concerns such as accommodation. Then a treatment plan will be provided to the client before the arrival in Turkey. Lodging and transportation are usually included in the plans so that patients don’t have to worry about becoming lost in a foreign land.

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