New Improvements in Making Dentures

DenturesA lot of people over the age of 55 are wearing dentures. Some think of their dentures as an inconvenience. A new technology has been made developed that would make the younger generation not to know what dentures are like today.

People who suffer from a cracked or broken tooth would mean having a model of the tooth as well as the surrounding area to be made into a mold. The impression will be sent to a laboratory to create a crown. The patient needs to wait for a week or more for the crown to be brought to the dentist’s clinic. The patient will then returns to the dentist’s office and have the temporary removed in order to place the new crown.

But in recent years, a lot of dentists have been using computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing to make crowns and dentures in one office visit. The patient can wait for the denture or crown to be made in one visit.

The dentist takes a digital scan of the mouth with an intra-oral camera and then a 3D image of the gums and teeth are seen in the screen. The software will then suggest the ideal dimensions of the crown or dentures. The dentist refines the virtual restoration and then sends the information to a milling machine. It then crafts the crown or dentures from a single ceramic block. Once done, it is ready to be placed in the patient’s mouth. The process takes a maximum of two hours.

Digital radiography produces a much clearer image in a short period of time. It also produces less radiation. Cone beam computed tomography imaging captures a 3D view of the jaw, teeth, gums, and nerves. It can also be used to find tumors and other diseases that don’t show up in standard x-rays.

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