New Pilot Dental Care Project to Address Seniors

Dental Care ProjectThere is a new pilot project in the sphere of affordable dental care started by the Virginia Dental Association. The project will last one year and will be focused on promoting affordable and preventative dental care for seniors. Qualified and experienced dentists decided to arrange a free dental care day at Trinity Mission Health in Charlottesville. Besides, some professionals consider that dentists should work at nursing homes as it will be easy to prevent any emergency treatments with time.

The number of health conditions in seniors is high and it is vivid that dentists need to treat these immediate dental needs. Besides, the dental works need to prevent all the possible health conditions. Additionally, seniors will have a chance to save money by using and concentrating on receiving preventative dental care services. The cost of these services is much lower if compared to physician and nursing care services. The need for dental care services at nursing homes is great as people that experience certain dental conditions, cannot chew without pain and as a result they cannot eat in a regular way.

The mission of the Virginia Dental Association is to let people understand that addressing dentists for satisfying their basic oral care needs will help them improve their overall health. Following this rule, seniors will save on costly hospital admissions and will forget about any emergency dental care. This pilot project is also considered to be a part of the “Action for Dental Health” arranged by the American Dental Association.

In this case, the efforts of professionals are concentrated on helping seniors living in long-term care facilities get affordable dental care. Despite the existing federal regulations that require providing dental care to people living at nursing homes, states do not fund the sphere properly and the situation is worsening as the number of seniors increases every day.

Event: Free Dent Care Day for Seniors
Location: Trinity Mission Health & Rehab, 1150 Northwest Drive in Charlottesville

Photo by [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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