Not Anyone Can Use Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening ProductsThere are a lot of teeth whitening methods accessible right now. Besides, these methods appear to be rather affordable for most of patients. You need to understand that teeth whitening is possible just after an appointment with the dentist. Just after cleaning and removing surface stains, you will have a chance to reach significant results in whitening your teeth.

But teeth whitening solutions are not permitted for everyone. There are certain conditions when you cannot use teeth whitening products. Usually, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is used in this sort of products and if you have teeth with restorations such as veneers or white fillings, than you may not use these teeth whitening solutions.

The materials which were used in restorations will preserve the original color and these restorations will stand out and have an artificial look. But, if you take a decision to change all old restorations for new ones, then you can reach certain improvements in color matching. Besides, there can be internal staining and a sort of discoloration resulted from teeth development which will not let you use teeth whitening products.

In addition, pregnant or nursing moms should never use teeth whitening products and not a single dentist is sure in the safety of teeth whitening products during pregnancy. There are also people that have hypersensitive teeth and teeth whitening products may just increase this sensitivity.

Learning all the details from your dentist will let you decide whether you are a perfect candidate for teeth whitening. You need to have realistic expectations when it is time to evaluate your final results. Moreover, your teeth whitening results may not be permanent as foods or beverages will affect the color of your teeth immediately. To preserve the final teeth whitening results, you need to brush and floss daily. Regular cleanings and examinations need to become your number one priority.

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