Number of Dentists in Louisiana May Decrease

Dentists at workDue to the latest federate study, the number of dentists working in Louisiana will be decreased as about 5% of them are accused of providing unneeded treatments and overcharging. Besides, some dentists provided some harm to children. As a result of this federal study, 512 dental professionals and 41 hygienists were checked. The suspicion in relation to 26 dentists appeared after extremely high numbers of kids and amounts of money were involved. Those 26 dentists paid about $13 million for the dental services provided.

There are bills that can be considered legitimate. The numbers of services provided in the report are really alarming. For example, one dentist provided a high number of fillings and baby root channels. These procedures reached the amount of 31 and this dentist could not explain the reason why the demand for them appeared so high. The investigation on this sort of cases has already started and a lot of new dental technicians will examine all the records and will check the patients as soon as their names are received.

There are a lot of concerns associated with extremely high payments and unnecessary services provided. It appeared that one dentist had received $8,000 for dental work over three visits of a patient. The system may not be considered to be perfect and before it works in a proper way it may take a lot of time. That is why these regular checkups provide the chance to analyze the current situation in the sphere of dental care and oral hygiene.

The most dangerous thing is that these violations are associated with dental care provided to kids. The dental care system needs to timely identify law breakers and to exclude any chances of these violations happening over the time. At the same time, it is positive that the Federal Government can detect these cases of dental care misuse and to take the needed measures.


Photo by Erik Christensen

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