Opportunities to Get Free Dental Care Increased

Get Free Dental CareIt’s great news to learn that the UAB Schools of Dentistry and Nursing would like to serve the homeless and underserved people with free dental care services. It is the second annual event when people who cannot afford dental care services can get all the possible dental assistance. In addition to dental care services all patients will have a chance to receive the services of oral cancer screenings and blood pressure checks.

Patients will be served by a team of volunteers that will be able to check the dental health of each patient and to fix the current problems. According to the local statistics, about 65% of people who live below the federal poverty level report on their poor dental health and additionally they cannot receive timely dental care. During the last dental care campaign dentists managed to serve over 500 patients and not a single person had to pay for the services provided.

At the same time dentists provided comprehensive consultations to patients on the possible ways on how to prevent oral and dental problems and how to keep the teeth in a perfect condition. We all understand that it is hard to make people think of their oral health if they have certain problems in the private life. Nowadays a lot of dental companies would like to take part in celebration of the Veterans day.

There is another dental care company that wants to celebrate veteran’s free dentistry day. Veterans from the community are invited to get free dental services by Smiles Dental Care. It is rather hard to find free dental care services for veterans in Kokomo and now it is a great chance to get basic dental care without paying a cent. Most of the veterans from this community do not have a chance to get a job or they do not have dental insurance.

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