Oral ID System for Oral Cancer Screening

Oral CancerMidtown Dentistry in Houston started an innovative oral cancer screening initiative with the use of Oral ID system. The device utilizes fluorescence technology to pick up early indicators of lesions to the skin inside the mouth. The florescent light illuminates the cells that are abnormal or show signs of changing. It can help locate areas for a biopsy. The procedure is quick and painless and doesn’t use any dyes or rinses.

Current oral cancer screening programs are messy and awkward according to patients. Oral ID is an innovative way to screen oral cancer. It is fast and comfortable, which is preferred by patients.

Dentists often use normal light to inspect the inside of the mouth. The blue fluorescence light makes it easier to find changes that invisible to the naked eye. Early detection is vital for improving the survival rates. Some of the risk factors for oral cancer are excess alcohol consumption, tobacco usage, and exposure to HPV virus.

There are around 43,000 Americans who are diagnosed with pharyngeal or oral cancer each year. A person will die from the disease every hour. Of those who are newly diagnosed, over half are still alive in the next five years. The number of survivors has not increased in decades.

The numbers are high because the disease is diagnosed during their late stages even if the dentists are trained to detect the first indicators of oral cancer. Patients are not usually screened for the cancer and its early stages are painless. The symptoms are also easy to miss.

Midtown Dentistry is known for utilizing latest technology in dentistry. It combines advanced technology with gentle dental care. Its resident dentist is one of the top dentists in Houston. He has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. The other dentists of the clinic have a combined experience of 80 years.

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