Oral Piercing May Lead to Tooth Loss

Oral PiercingA growing number of young people start having oral piercing but they are not aware about the oral and dental problems they may have. The most frequent of them are pain, tooth loss and gum infection. Besides, there are a lot of minor problems you can have. You can damage your teeth while eating or talking and this can result in fractured teeth and infection.

Your fractured tooth will need to be examined by your doctor and if there is no big problem, then just a filling will be needed but if the facture is more serious, your dentist will need to provide you with root canal or tooth extraction which is rather painful. Besides, if you have oral piercing on the tongue, it may be extremely infectious as it is completely covered with bacteria.

This may cause not only infection in your mouth but in other parts of your body as well as infection can enter the bloodstream easily and be transported to other organs which may lead to serious diseases. But, if your intention to have oral piercing is so great, you need to consult your dental professional and follow the recommendations provided.

You will need to pay attention to oral hygiene and, taking care of any problems associated with piercing should become your commitment as well. Infection in this case can appear to be the most dangerous problem as it can even be delivered to the heart with your blood.

In addition, such a condition as oral cancer can appear as a result of infecting and you need to increase the number of visit to your dentist to exclude any chances to get sick with it. Regular visits will help you identify the disease and to receive the treatment you need. Prevention is what you need for your good oral and dental health.

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