Oral Surgery Not As Frightful as You Imagine

Oral Surgery FearPeople do not actually know what oral surgery may mean and they usually associate any oral surgery with general anesthesia and several days of recovery. They do not actually understand that most of the procedures performed by a dentist can be called oral surgery. People that need certain care do not need to wait as any oral surgery can be received on demand.

One of the most popular procedures in the sphere of oral surgery is considered to be tooth extraction. The reasons for this operation can be numerous and the most popular of them are: erupted wisdom tooth, teeth that cannot be repaired as a result of decay, root fracture or trauma. At the same time, some orthodontic treatment may require the removal of some teeth that prevent a dentist from getting the needed results. That is why you do not need to be afraid when you hear about oral surgery as it can be an ordinary operation you undergo when you visit a dentist.

But there are serious cases when an oral surgeon needs to perform jaw surgery or in other words orthognathic surgery that needs a lot of experience and patience. One of the major reasons for orthognathic surgery is trauma received in a car accident. The problem is that a patient cannot use a jar in the way it needs to be used and he or she cannot perform such tasks as eating or chewing.

Your dentist needs to make all the possible examination and to assess all the benefits of orthognathic surgery. Another most popular dental procedure that can e caused oral surgery is associated with replacing your teeth with implants. The execution of this operation can depend on the type of implants used and on the way they are going to be fixed. But the consequences of this operation are similar in the recovery process with dental extraction.

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