Pain Associated with Root Canals

Root CanalsEvery person can have dental problems but they do not understand that these problems can be associated with root canals. These root canals become inflamed triggered by infection and causing a lot of pain. Each tooth has one or even four root canals. Generally, a root canal starts from the center of your tooth and goes down to your tooth root. The problems with root canals are usually related to the pulp of your tooth known as the nerve.

There are different reasons why there are problems with your root canals.
One of the most frequent causes is tooth decay that penetrates through the enamel and reaches the tooth nerve. As a result, the tooth becomes abscessed due to the infection received from decay. Another reason why your root canal becomes painful is a trauma that can be followed by the exposure of the nerve. As a result of this condition, your tooth dies slowly and without the needed treatment the tooth nerve can become exposed. The problems with root canals can be complicated and you will need to visit your dentist for several times.

If you have any infection or abscess in your tooth, your dentist can prescribe you taking certain antibiotics before starting the root canal work. Later on, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to reduce any possible pain. Once you do not feel your tooth, such a procedure as dental x-ray of your tooth may be performed. Then your dentist will need to drill a small hole in your tooth in order to reach the nerve.

With the help of tiny files your dentist will remove the nerve from your tooth. Then another x-ray will need to be performed to define the length of the root. It is essential to see if your tooth nerve is removed completely and will not cause any dental pain. Once your dentist is sure that your tooth is clean then gutta percha will be used to seal your tooth root canal. Afterwards, your dentist will remove the rest of decay and will put a temporary filling to close your tooth.

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