Pediatricians Want Parents to Pay More Attention to Dental Care of Kids

pediatriciansAccording to the pediatricians from Little Lake Health Centre, nearly half of kids aged 6-13 suffer from dental diseases. Among the most popular health conditions they point out dental decay or missing teeth. They also notice that it is very important to prevent the mentioned diseases with daily flossing and brushing. But, when the problem is present, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

Parents do not pay much attention to dental conditions of their kids if they don’t have them and as a result they do not practice regular visits to a dentist. Pediatricians state that the first dental examination of your kid should be performed when your kid turns one year old. The harm that can be caused by dental diseases is not just associated with dental pain and infection. Serious dental problems may influence speech development and reduce self-esteem.

Dental pain may also make children unable to consume nourishing foods and as a result poor growth and bone development may be noticed. Another harmful effect of dental pain is also associated with the distraction and inability to focus on homework. Children with poor dental health usually have poor school performance.

That is why dentists from Little Lake Health Centre decided to offer dental care for kids. General dentistry is what they are engaged in but they also have an opportunity to refer patients to oral surgeons when the dental condition is critical. Another benefit of using services from Little Lake Health Centre is that they are based on an inability to pay.

Patients from low-income families and with public insurance can use the advantages of a sliding fee scale. Thanks to such health centers people can prevent a lot of dental problems and to live a life without pain. Young families would also be happy to pay less for the dental services provided to their kids. Pediatricians from Little Lake Health Centre believe that each person deserve high-grade dental care.

Photo by Bryan M. Ilyankoff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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