People with Down Syndrome Need Specific Dental Care

People with Down SyndromeDental care may not be an easy thing to perform and there are people with Down syndrome that cannot get the proper dental care due to their physical and mental disabilities. Considering people with Down syndrome, dental care should be performed with the help of family, physicians and caregivers. People with the limited mental capability experience certain boundaries to communicate, to learn and to get used to a new environment.

Due to their delayed or impaired language development, they cannot explain how they feel and it is rather difficult for dentists to understand the causes of dental pain. Here, any dentist needs to have patience to listen carefully as speaking may be really hard to understand. Before providing any dental works, a dentist will need to define functional abilities of a patient and any patient with Down syndrome will need a thorough explanation of any procedure to be performed.

If a dentist wants to be understood any phrase or instructions should be expressed in a clear and simple way. Besides, repetition of these phrases will be needed if a patient experiences short term memory problems. Dentists should not be concerned about behavior management as patients with Down syndrome turn to be warm and well behaved. There are patients that are stubborn but some time will help them feel comfortable and this will benefit to successful treatment. All the visits of patients with Down syndrome should be scheduled to be performed in the first part of the day.

They are usually more attentive and there will not be a great problem to attract their attention. Any visit of such a patient should be friendly and any employee should express caring attitude. Some doctors confirm that using music when providing dental care services may be rather beneficial for patients with Down syndrome.

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