People with Limited Mobility Manage to Receive Proper Dental Care

No one can deny the fact that oral health is really important but not each of us devotes enough time for taking care of it. No one can deny the fact that dental examinations, flossing and brushing can help us keep our oral health in order. But there are different reasons why people neglect oral health and then suffer from dental pain and other dental mobility

Patients usually refer to their fear of going to the dentist, lack of dental insurance and their extreme busyness at work. But there is a category of people that has mobility problems associated with manual dexterity. These patients cannot even hold a toothbrush and manipulation of dental floss turns into a real pain. People sick with arthritis cannot carry out simple tasks because of such disease symptoms as hand deformity, painful elbows. For these people, taking care of oral health usually takes a lot of time but the chance to use electric toothbrushes and floss holders can help them reach the wanted results and improve the situation in the sphere of dental health.

Though having such mobility problems, people need to visit a dentist for regular cleanings and examinations. Besides, there are people that have jaw pain. They can face another problem associated with a limited range of motion in their jaw. Such patients cannot respond to the request to open wide. The access to the mouth of a patient is completely restricted by the limited jaw motion.

In any case, we cannot ignore oral health because of these physical difficulties and complications. Your unhealthy mouth can be directly associated with different other health problems. According to the latest research performed by the Academy of general dentistry oral symptoms can be produced by about 95% of all systematic diseases. By nature, our oral cavity is protected by the presence of saliva in our mouth and it is considered to be our natural defense against numerous bacteria and different viruses.

It contains proteins and antibodies that fight enemies in our oral cavity. It is also important to note that bacteria cannot enter the bloodstream from your mouth but it becomes possible if you have a cut in your mouth which can be received as a result of a dental operation or brushing.

The second defense system is considered to be our immune system which will easily take care of any enemy in our blood. If the immune system is out of order, it will not react to infection in the proper and effective way. Besides, our oral defense system can be affected by certain medications that can cause saliva reduction. The increase in different bacteria can be caused by formation of plaque which is a colorless layer of bacteria around our teeth. It is the main cause of tooth decay and gum infection. People who suffer from arthritis can experience root caries caused by tooth decay.


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