Perfect Solution for Dental Care Gap in Harvey County

Dental Care GapResidents of Harvey County have always had the opportunity to get discount prescription drugs due to the participation of the country in the nationwide discount program. But, soon people will have a chance to get affordable dental services due to the expansion of the program that will include dental and vision care. Residents will have a chance to save more on the health services they need most of all and as a result, they will not have to spend so much money or to get expensive insurance coverage.

It is one more way to get financial benefits from this discount program and people need to have all the opportunities that are financially available for them. According to the results of selling discount prescription medications, people could save up to 8$ per prescription and residents of Harvey County have already saved $300,000. At the same time, people should not be ready that they will feel the difference at once as they will be able to feel increased savings with time.

People can get a prescription drug card for free and with each purchase, the discount will grow. Besides, if a person wants to participated in dental and vision programs, they will need to pay a monthly fee but it makes up $8.95 per month only. There are no limits in access to these services and families can also participate in joint use of the mentioned benefits.

In general, people will have a chance up to save up to 40% of the cost of the dental services. It is a new approach in coping with the dental issues of people and everyone is looking forward to the expansion of the program. The program will be available in more than 40 counties including Harvey County. Dentists also state that this program will help save taxpayers money and people will not visit emergency rooms so much.

Photo by Devin Brown ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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