Permanent Solution in Tooth Restoration

Tooth RestorationWhether the cause of your toothless problems is tooth decay or being part of a car accident, it is something that you can’t live with. There are several options to consider such as bridges and dentures. You might have done your research and stumbled on dental implants. These are more permanent to replacing teeth.

Dentures provide a partial smile and patients want a more permanent solution. Dental implants are the perfect solution. The implant procedure takes over two sessions to complete. A periodontist performs the first part by inserting the implant into the jawbone. Once the implant is healed, the second phase is to place the artificial tooth onto the implant. People can’t tell the difference between the artificial tooth and the real one unless you tell them. The dentist can match the color of the artificial to the adjacent teeth.

Patients with good general health are candidates for dental implants. The jawbones of the patients must be healthy and they shouldn’t have gum disease or severe tooth decay. It is perfect for people of all ages but if the jawbone is not fully developed yet in children then the procedure has to be postponed until they are ready. Patients must not be smokers and have a good dental hygiene.

Dental implant restores lost tooth to make it look, function, and feel like natural a natural one. The other options to replace teeth can lead to bone deterioration and can interfere with speaking, smiling and other activities.

Dental implants last a long time. Bridges only last up to five to seven years. They can last up to 10 years with proper care. At some point, you need to replace them. But dental implants just need periodic adjustments and can last for a lifetime if they are properly placed and cared for by the individual.

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