Possible Allergies When Visiting Dentist

allergyGoing to the dentist is usually treated as a routine and it does not rank first among the rest of priorities. A lot of people prefer delaying visits to the dentist for a number of reasons. But among these reasons, there may be really serious ones. Allergy or allergic reactions in response to some dental products or substances may be noticed.

A lot of people experience allergy to latex, others can feel unwell after the use of local anesthetic. Usually, latex is the basic ingredient in most of products made of rubber and most of these products are usually found in the healthcare industry. Latex gloves that are usually used during oral examinations can be number one cause of allergy.

Your allergy symptoms can be revealed in the form of hives, itching or spasms. These symptoms are usually activated when a dentist is using latex gloves and it is hardly possible to prevent them. Allergies to local anesthetics are general but they cannot be induced by a real allergy. The symptoms of local anesthetic allergy can coincide in the form of revelation. They can be similar to anxiet. Local anesthetics can trigger an allergic reaction because of methylparabens used in their production.

At the same time there are a lot of chemical substances and fabrics used in the dental industry that may cause symptoms of dermatitis. They usually take place on the face, gums and lips. The symptoms are swelling, redness and irritation of your oral cavity. Besides, people can experience certain allergic reactions to flavorings used in toothpastes and fluoride treatments. Itchiness can be noticed on the skin around the lips.

That is why you need to inform your dentist on the health conditions you have and the dentist has to take all the measures to exclude the use of latex and to lower concentration of the local anesthetic. If you feel any changes during you dental treatment, you need to immediately tell the dentist about them.

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