Preventing Dental Problems at Right Time

dental prevention therapyEven dentists can’t determine whether a patient has done the right thing at the right time when it comes to their dental health. Take for instance a patient that has bone loss around the back side of the molar because he didn’t remove the wisdom teeth before they damaged the bone. If the wisdom teeth were removed earlier, the patient wouldn’t have to worry about growing back the bone.

But not all wisdom teeth should be removed. If the wisdom tooth must be removed, it is easier and better to remove it by the age of 17 instead of waiting for it to fully grow.

Another case is that of a patient who has a hole between the mouth and the sinus. The patient endured the infection because it was not bothering him that much. The infected tooth near the sinus supplied bacteria to the area between the tooth and the bone under the sinus. When the bone is dissolved, the infection will go to the sinus.

Root canals can help prevent this from happening but if there is still pain after the root canal then the infection is still alive. It is better to remove the tooth than expose the sinus, which requires a surgical procedure to repair.

Patient suffering from severe gum recession can still have one’s roots recovered but it would take some time to do so. It would have been a lot easier if the gums were treated before they receded and not after.

It is easy to determine whether the gums are likely to recede or not. If the child has lower front tooth sticking out towards the lip and require braces to put the tooth back then there’s a big chance that the tissue of the gum is weak and requires a tissue graft to repair it.

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