Problems Associated with Crown Installation

Crown InstallationThere are several reasons why people choose tooth crowns. The primary function of a tooth crown is to restore a missing tooth whether it is wearied or cracked. Another purpose of a crown is to strengthen a tooth and to provide a patient with the ability to take food in the normal way. Thirdly, we will not be able to smile a lot if we do not have teeth, and communication will not provide us with positive emotions.

Sometimes, it happens that your tooth may be affected by tooth decay followed by gum infection. In order to save the rest of your tooth a crown may be the perfect solution. If you want crowns fit perfectly, you need to use the services of a licensed dentist. As any other dental operation, it will be accompanied by pain. The dentist will start from installing a temporary crown. You should not be afraid if your tooth becomes too sensitive to hot and cold.

The thing is the temporary crown is not that precise to save you from any temperature changes in your mouth. The sensitivity is usually expected in the place where the temporary crown meets the gum line. In order to reduce this increased sensitivity your dentist may prescribe using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Another problem that may be associated with a tooth crown is an incorrect bite. This problem is typical either to permanent or temporary crowns.

This problem may not seem so serious but it may cause acute dental pain within some time. You should not wait till the problem will go away and you need to see your dentist as soon as possible. The correction may take several minutes but you will not suffer from different dental conditions. Gum pain is also typical to this sort of operation as a dentist needs to perform works near the gum line around the new crown. This sort of pain will not be so acute and will disappear in several days.

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