Results of Free Dental Care Day from North Plains TenderCare Dental

North Plains TenderCare DentalThere are different dental campaigns that promote free or low cost dental services for people in need or for those that cannot afford all the needed services. That is why dentists from the North Plains TenderCare Dental office decided to hold a Free Dental Care Day on Nov.26 to provide all the kids and people who cannot afford dental insurance with dental care.

Besides, veterans will be able to get the timely dental care and any of them will be able to get such services as cleanings, fillings and extractions. It is not the first time, the company decided to provide such services and the main mission of these free dental care days is to make governors pay attention to the social problems that are present in the country nowadays.

The impossibility to get free dental care services without insurance needs to be corrected and people having these difficult financial conditions need to receive timely assistance, associated with dental benefits at least. The number of services will need to be expanded for people in need or they could get emergency dental care from time to time. That is why patients will be served with emergency dental exams and other dental pain related symptoms.

It is a great chance to celebrate the upcoming holiday with healthy teeth and no pain. But dentists from this clinic remark that they hoped to get more appointments to serve kids but the results show that the most frequent visitors of the clinic are adults that cannot get dental insurance and their dental conditions are rather serious. The team of this clinic is presented by highly qualified dentists that are ready to serve people for free acting as volunteers. People need to know that kids can get dental insurance but in most cases, parents are not aware of these programs.

What: Free Dental Care
Where: 0395 NW Glencoe Rd. Suite 100
Clinic: North Plains TenderCare Dental

Photo by Joseph M Buliavac [Public domain], undefined

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