Risas Dental and Braces to Serve Patients for Free

free dental serviceRisas Dental and Braces is based in Arizona and is considered one of the most demanded health care companies that is dedicated to providing affordable dentistry to anybody. This clinic is going to arrange free dental care services in celebration of their Labor of Love Event. Thanks to this company, a patient can choose one of four treatments and to use it for free every year.

These four treatments are: tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, cavity feeling or x-rays. At the same time each patient will have a chance to get oral hygiene instructions. The amount of money to spend on each patient can reach $300. If a patient needs further services, the coordination regarding additional care will be provided. This event takes place every year and in 2011 the dental clinic managed to serve 75 to 200 patients and could collect donation of $1,000,000.

The creation of this dental clinic managed to change the attitude of communities to the national dental care system. Thanks to extensive oral care and reasonable treatment options, the clinic managed to attract more and more people. At the same time, the dentists working in this dental clinic cannot only speak English but Spanish as well. Thanks to this approach in providing dental care services, the practice has become really rewarding.

That is why the regional community provides support to this clinic and the number of visitors increases. There is also a belief that extensive oral health and treatment is crucial to the health of the community and it does not depend on the insurance status of a patient. That is why you may call and get an appointment with the dentist just to get these free dental services and to fix all your dental problems. It’s an exclusive chance when you can get individual oral health instructions and to keep your dental health in the proper condition for a long time.

What: Free Dental Services
Where: 7440 West Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85033
When: Monday, September 1 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Contact: 480 220-5400

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