Selling Teeth Whitening Kits Restricted in Some States

Teeth Whitening KitsYou can fix your smile at any corner drugstore as teeth whitening kits are rather effective and accessible. These teeth whitening kits are really convenient as you can find a place to sit and devote some time to your teeth. The problem is that the use and application of teeth whitening kits may soon be allowed just for licensed dentists. This question is under the consideration of the US Supreme Court at the moment. This news is rather sensational as anyone can use a toaster to cook breakfast and you do not have to get permission to use it.

The determination of the Board of Dental Examiners concludes that just a professional dentist can handle the procedure of teeth whitening. All the companies that were selling these teeth whitening kits received cease-and-desist letters with the mission to protect people from illegal teeth whitening.

The Board considers teeth whitening as unauthorized practice of dentistry. It seems that state licensing and regulatory boards created cartels that will decide who will price and use whitening procedures. For example, regulators in such states as Nebraska and South Dakota require having a license for braiding hair.

As a result to become a licensed cosmetologist, a person needs to get about 2,100 hours of instructions and to pay $10,000 to have a chance of providing such services. Sometimes these requirements can represent a barrier to newcomers resulting in low competition and monopoly in the sphere of a curtain business. Applying these anticompetitive practices may only be a sign of the authority misuse of the Dental Board. The consideration of this case will take place in the fall and state licensed cartels should get a proper notification of misusing the authority. It is senseless that to use this kit which includes strips or trays you need permission.

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