Seniors of Gwinn Area Received Free Dental Care

Seniors of Gwinn Area Received Dental CareSeniors are the most vulnerable social layer and they usually suffer from the lack of dental care. That is why a lot of dental companies provide them with a chance to use the benefits of free dental care days. Affordability of dental services is one of the most popular problems at present and it is rather strange that with the introduction of Medicaid, the problem is not solved. Seniors qualify for discount dental services with the help of this state supposed dental program but they cannot find a dentist that would serve their needs.

The thing is that the reimbursement rates are so low that dentists do not have any intention to participate in these activities. Moreover, dentists need to do a lot of paperwork to get permission to serve those people in need. There are counties where there are no dental clinics that would serve people on Medicaid. But thanks to such a clinic as Northern Trails Dental Care seniors managed to get the needed services such as extensive examinations, screening and x-rays.

These examinations will help seniors identify their dental and oral health problems to get the needed treatments. Seniors living in the Gwinn area tried to use the benefits of this free dental care day and received a lot of useful information on how to prevent any dental issues in future and on the ways to fight them if there are some.

One of the missions of these free dental care days is to provide motivation for people to take care of their teeth. Besides, knowing the dangers of poor or delayed dental care people start treating their dental health with more responsibility and as a result, they do not need emergency care so often. There is the only and the most affordable way to get ideal dental health.

Photo by Karen Beate [CC BY 2.5 dk], via Wikimedia Commons

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