Several Options for Your Teeth Stained

Teeth StainedPeople with stained teeth are too conscious about smiling. The food they eat and drink has a big impact on the color of the teeth. Some drinks and foods can stain teeth while others can keep it white.

Food and drink that can leave a mark on the clothes or hands can stain teeth as well. Some of your favorite drinks and foods might be in the list that includes tea, red and white wine, cranberry juice, grape juice, blueberries, coffee, soda, beets, tomato sauce, and soy sauce. People can still enjoy these foods but be sure to rinse or brush after eating them.

Some of the common vegetables and fruits can scrub the teeth while chewing them. They also help make saliva that counteracts the acid in the mouth and cleans it. Some of the stain preventing vegetables and fruits include carrots, cauliflower, apples and celery. Hard cheese can also scrub the teeth.

When drinking juice, iced tea or coffee, or soda, you should use straw to keep liquid out of the visible front surfaces of teeth.

Teeth should also be cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. A dental hygienist can provide a thorough cleaning to make teeth look brighter. You should also avoid smoking because tobacco stains teeth. Chewing tobacco can also stain your pearly whites.

There are several options available if you find your teeth stained. Bleaching can help brighten the teeth and works on teeth that are yellow. But if the teeth are gray or brown, bleach can’t fix the color.

Overdoing the bleaching process can damage the enamel, the outer surface of the teeth. It is vital to read the labels of the products.

You should also get the advice from a dentist to find out if whitening your tooth is a good thing. Whitening kits can be purchased at any drugstore. If you have sensitive teeth, there could be some side effects. If gums are irritated, consult a dentist.

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