SmileMobile Comes to Spokane, October 18-24

SmileMobileMobile dental clinics that provide free dental services to kids from low-income families can come to your city. And now kids in Spokane, Washington, have a chance to participate in free dental care week to get all the needed dental services and to become more aware of oral health problems. The name of this clinic is SmileMobile and the dental free services will be provided during the time period of October 18-24.

The main message of this free dental care week is to let kids understand that oral health is an important part of their general health and, secondly, any oral disease can be easily prevented, if visiting a dentist on time. The dentists from this mobile clinic are ready to perform dental examinations and fillings as these services are the most demanded among small kids.

According to the statistics provided by the Spokane Regional Health District, every fourth resident of the city has not received dental care this year. Besides, school nurses note that there are a growing number of kids that come to school with dental pain. As a result they miss a lot of days of school and they do not learn well. School nurses also note that there are kids that have not seen a toothbrush for some years. There are effective ways to treat these dental problems and among them flossing and brushing can appear to be really beneficial for the health of kids.

Prevention of any dental problems should become a mission of all school nurses and dentists and information on it should be provided in any places possible. The team of SmileMobile includes dental and fitness experts with the purpose of motivation of people to prevent and treat oral diseases on time. You cannot only save your health but a lot of money on dental care works.

What: Free Dental Care Week
Where: Spokane, Washington, SmileMobile
When: October 18-24

Photo by Bhandari CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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