Snoqualmie Valley Residents Will Take Chance to Use Free Dental Services

Free Dental Care ServicesAnother chance to get free dental services will be provided to Snoqualmie Valley residents in Seattle. The dental clinic will be open on October, 23-26 to serve all people who are in need of proper dental services. The clinic will not take any reservations and patients will be served on basis of first0come, first-served. Those patients who have no health insurance or who cannot afford dental services due to low earnings will be provided with all the information on discounted health programs and services. Dentists are ready to provide extractions, fillings and x-rays.

As a result, all the patients will have a chance to identify the main causes of their dental issues and to have these dental problems fixed on the same day. To get an admission number, a person should come to the King County Clinic at 3:30 AM. Heaving an admission number, a patient will be able to reach the services at 5:30 AM. Patients will also get a chance to discuss the oral and dental problems with a dentist and to get a full list of recommendations that can be used by a patient at home. The clinic will also be able to render other medical services along with dental works.

Those patients who need more medical care will be able to get a free physical examination and screens for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension. Any patient should sensibly treat the physical condition of his or her body and to understand that the general health depends on the health of all the inner body parts. Following dental hygiene rules, you can reduce the risks of getting other diseases which can be harmful to your health. As a result your dental visits should be regular and all the recommendations of your dentist will need to be followed precisely.

What: Free Medical and Dental Services
Where: Key Arena, 401 First Ave. N.
When: Oct. 23-26

Photo by Marcos T. Hernandez [Public domain], undefined

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