St. Louis to Get Access to Quality Dental Services living in the city of St. Louis could not get the proper dental services for over 20 years. The city experienced a shortage of dentists and the access to dental care was rather limited. But, with the contribution of $23 million, the city will have a dental clinic located by Lafayette Square and citizens hope that the situation with dental health will change in the future. The clinic is to open on Monday. It is a great achievement as well as a result of the cooperation of Kirksville-based A.T. Still University and Affinia Healthcare.

The responsibilities on providing dental care services are shared and A.T. Still University will be sending students to practice. At the same time, all the administrative processes will be performed and controlled by Affinia Healthcare. Patients will not be limited in a number of services and the clinic is ready to serve uninsured customers as well. It is a great event for the citizens of St. Louis as the last dental school was closed in 1991 and it was supervised by Washington University. The overall health care decline in the area was caused by the lack of educational establishments that would train future dentists who could work in the area.

The rebirth of at least one dental school will help people get dental services and they will not need to travel hundreds of miles to get an appointment. According to the statistics, only 60% of adults visit a dentist once a year, the rest of citizens does not pay the needed attention to their oral and dental health because of the inability to get affordable dental care.

Besides, the information presented by different health organizations in the state of Missouri shows that poor dental health can be associated with the increased number of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and strokes.

Photo by Seaman Ernest Scott ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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