Success of Healthy Kids Dental Program to Be Expanded

Kids Dental ProgramSuccessful results of the Healthy Kids Dental Program proved that the program should be developed. At present, 555,000 kids from low-income families get the proper dental care thanks to this dental program. The mentioned program is active in about 82 counties of Michigan. The governor of the state decided to expand the program and about 215,000 more kids will have a chance to get the dental care services.

The Michigan Department of Community Health presented this program fifteen years ago. Observing the beneficial results of this program, lawmakers tried to expand the dental care services several times. As a result, the effectiveness of the dental care services was increased and access to dental care was improved. The organizers of the Healthy Kids Dental Program confirm that regular dental care is essential in relation to overall health of a child.

According to the presented information, about 55 percent of first graders are affected by serious dental conditions. We also need to consider the fact that children without dental coverage and regular dental visits are three times less likely to get dental care services than those kids that can afford them. Additionally, kids with dental problems miss fifty million hours of school every year and it is the main reason why kids in families with financial problems need to get access to dental services and to succeed in life in school.

Some dentists consider that a dental condition may be called a silent epidemic and, considering the success of the Healthy Kids Dental Program, lawmakers need to take them into account and implement the policies to better dental services for kids and grownups as well. Such dental services as dental screening should be accessible for all kids. Thanks to this measure dentists will be able to catch dental disease prior to it may cause serious dental problems which may impact the process of learning and school attendance.

Photo by Eddie Harrison [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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