Success of Using Dental Sealant in Students

Dental SealantThe Harford County Health Department started a new program associated with free dental sealants in September, 2014. The students from the elementary school at Hillsdale in Aberdeen were supposed to become participants in this program. This school-based dental sealant program appeared to be a great success and different state health officials as well as oral health professionals met to see the results of this program.

There was formed a group of third-grade students who were supposed to get oral health screenings and to get dental sealants. For those people who do not understand what a dental sealant is dental professionals call it a protective plastic coating which is used to be located on the surface of the back teeth. The problem is that the back teeth get affected with cavities and the proper protection may be achieved using this dental sealing. About 300 students took part in this program and children received about 750 sealants.

Along with this program, students could receive fluoride varnish treatments and could get all the possible information on how to keep their teeth in the proper condition. Oral health professionals state that fluoride treatments can help preserve tooth enamel in a good condition and can prevent negative effects of tooth decay. Any fluoride treatment includes the application of fluoride to teeth in the form of gel. As a result, teeth of children become more resistant to any acid attacks.

Using fluoride treatments as well as dental sealants can prevent appearance of decay as this disease may be completely prevented. Parents should understand that all the programs carried out in schools are additional to dental care that a kid needs to get at home. These two programs should make parents and caregivers understand how important oral health is. They should be aware of all the possible dental diseases and ways of their prevention.

Photo by Alessio23 [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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