Sudden Change in Temperature Can Lead to Dental Problems

dental issuesNow it’s not a secret that fruit juice in combination with sweet snacks can increase your risk in developing tooth decay but these are not the only things that can damage your teeth. It has recently been announced that exhausting exercising can be another reason for you bad dental health. Athletes that exercise too much cannot produce enough saliva in the mouth and it can also become alkaline.

As a result, saliva with the increased level of alkaline can actually contribute to the development of plaque bacteria. That is why the majority of the examined athletes appeared to have decayed or missing teeth. Each person can experience a risk of getting dental and oral health problems during the day and another factor that can increase the number of dental issues is drinking tea to warm up.

The problem is when you come home and you would like to drink something hot your teeth can experience a sudden change in the temperature and as a result cracks can appear on the surface of your teeth. Most of the cracks that people have are rather noticeable and were caused by sudden changes in temperature. Our teeth are made of dentin and then glazed with enamel.

The enamel can experience a certain stress and finally a crack can appear. At the same time, it is not a big problem but you will need to increase a number of visits to your dentist for the proper cleaning. Finally these cracks are usually stained by red wine or coffee. With time, the cracks can go dipper and this will increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

When it happens, a dentist will provide you with a proper filling to reduce the sensitivity but you will have a damaged tooth. If left untreated, you have a high risk of getting infection as all the bacteria will have a chance to reach your teeth roots.

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