Teething in Kids May Become Bothersome

TeethingKids have a lot of dental problems which may lead to frequent visits to the dentist. One category of dental problems in kids is represented by conditions of normal development. Among these conditions you may find teething or sucking. Another category of dental conditions is generally caused by neglecting dental care and may be represented by tooth loose and decay.

The later may be easily treated with regular visits to the dentist and by following the recommendations. Teething is the most common dental condition in kids that are expecting their first teeth. Teething is usually accompanied by gum inflammation and to relieve it a kid needs to chew something. Kids usually suffer from teething at the age of four or six month. Kids become really naughty as kids usually feel a tooth moving and breaking through the gums.

Parents usually start panicking as they do not understand that these are symptoms of teething. In any case parents need to visit a dentist to see their kid. Another problem in kids may be associated with nursing bottle caries. Kids usually get this disease because they do not take a bottle of milk or juice out of the mouth. This dental condition is typical to kids of one or two years old.

The symptoms of nursing caries are simple and if a parent notices white spots on the teeth then within some time white spots will turn to brown areas leading to destruction of the teeth. To prevent this dental condition, parents must not let kids to go to bed with anything except water. Thumb-sucking is a disease that can be found in kids at the age of five years old. We cannot call it a disease but a habit that will not lead kids to any dental problems. In some cases, dentists confirm that gum infection is possible when front teeth start appearing.


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