Think Twice Before Becoming Dental Assistant

Dental AssistantSome scholars want to become dental assistants but they cannot recognize how physically exhausting the job could be. Experts of the job market consider that being a dental assistant is one of the most stressful jobs. Generally, dental assistants are in charge of the whole dental office. They are supposed to come first and to leave last.

But at the same time their salaries are not that high as one can imagine. The average salary for a dental assistant can hardly reach $34,000 to $35,000. In reality, the average salary of a dentist is much closer to $27,000. That is why a lot of informational agencies deliver crucial data to the general public about the stress and lower salaries in this field. It is one of the reasons why job seekers need to understand the employment trend and to choose a higher paid job. Additionally, the demand for full time dental assistants is growing but people do not understand that realities may be a bit different from industry reports.

Still the industry of dental care is considered to be one of the fastest growing and professional dentists look for really talented dental assistants. The demand for dental assistants can grow 25% during the next 7 years. Experts consider that the increase is not that high if compared to other industries. Preventative dental services are on demand and dental assistants can often feel a burnout since the duties are overwhelming.

Curtain dedication and a lot of energy are needed to serve a lot of patients and to be able to communicate with them on different topics. That is why a dental assistant can usually feel physically and emotionally drained because of responsibilities and care that are supposed to be provided. Due to this stress, a lot of dental assistants want to start their career in hygiene where the salaries can reach $ 70,000 a year.

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