Thyroid Conditions as Source of Dental Problems

Thyroid ConditionsIt is not a secret that your dental health depends on the health of other body parts. Problems caused by the thyroid gland can provide a direct impact on your dental health causing tooth decay. Professional doctors define underactive thyroid and overactive thyroid which can contribute to your poor dental health. An overactive thyroid gland can also be named as hyperthyroidism and the appearance of this health condition is usually related to advanced gum disease.

If a patient has hyperthyroidism then the problems with your teeth can appear much earlier than usual. Considering adults, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be revealed in enlarged tongue and problems having healthy gums. Hyperthyroidism is more common in adults but also can be found in kids as well. Those children who are suffering from hyperthyroidism may have a wide range of dental issues which can include swollen gums, gum infection and tooth decay. That is why it is rather crucial to identify the real causes of these health conditions and to use the right treatment.

The conditions associated with thyroid are similar to cancer and the treatment includes high doses of radioactive iodine. As a result of this treatment patients start suffering from high volumes of saliva in the mouth and gum pain. These conditions contribute to an increased vulnerability to tooth decay and imbalance in saliva can become a cause of decay. The appearance of tooth decay and thyroid problems can also have association with fluoride. This chemical was used to reduce thyroid activity.

Professional dentists consider that the beneficial effects may be received just when fluoride is applied directly to your teeth. At the same time fluoride does not provide the needed prevention of cavities. High amounts of fluoridated water can contribute to developing thyroid problems as well as to developing dental issues. That is why you need to inform your dentist on the health conditions you have so that the treatment adjustment could be made.

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