Tooth Decay as Most Frequent Disease in the US

Tooth DecayTooth decay is considered to be the most frequent and even chronic disease in kids in the United States. The number of patients suffering from tooth decay is six times higher than the number of people suffering from diabetes. Dentists are used to define certain categories of children that are really predisposed to tooth decay. Kids that live in low-income families experience certain difficulties in receiving dental care.


Another reason for such an increased number of people suffering from tooth decay is generally associated with dentist shortages in certain areas. Besides, those dentists that practice dental care services do not accept medic aid or public insurance. Experts consider that there is also a problem of poor dental care that is provided to people with disabilities of seniors.


There are also contradictions in the health care system of the United States as it treats your dental care apart from the health of your entire body and sometimes it is much easier for people to receive health care services rather than to get professional assistance from a dentist. Tooth decay cannot only be associated with oral health problems but with the help of the blood stream infection can be transmitted to other body parts.


That is why governors need to pay attention to the state of dental care in the areas. There are a lot of suggestions concentrated on how to cope with increased risks of oral and dental health problems. Professionals state that a certain educational program should be provided to those people who want to help others with their dental problems.


At the same time the American Dental Association states that this intention does not make any economic sense and does not want to contribute any money into such dental care programs. But we all need to understand that the economy of the country depends on the health of its population.

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