Toothache May Not Be Caused by Tooth Damage

dental nerveAccording to a local Hartford dentist, pain felt through the tooth could be a warning of something else and not toothache. The excruciating pain could be caused by cavity but there are times when that is not the case. Even if the tooth is extracted, the pain remains. If this is the case, the pain is caused by nerve damage and can be treated with special medication.

3 to 7 percent of the population who think they are suffering from toothache might not be coming from the tooth at all. Patients should consider getting a second opinion before they have their tooth extracted or undergo a root canal. There are five reasons for pain in the mouth that are not connected to the teeth.

The first one is cardiac. This is felt in the left jaw or a tooth on the left side. This could mean that the patient is having heart conditions or worse, a heart attack. Patients with this type of pain are sent from the dentist’s chair towards the emergency room right away.

The second pain is sinus toothache caused by the nerves of the upper teeth that are close to the sinus area. They are affected by the pressure built up in the sinuses. It can be due to inflammation of the sinus or an allergy.

The third pain is the muscular toothache. The muscles in the jaw and face are traumatized and they transfer the pain to the tooth.

The fourth pain is the neuropathic toothache. It is nerve pain that affects the tooth. The nerve sends pain messages to the brain and it thinks that it is from the teeth.

The last one is the migraine in the tooth. IT is when migraine headache causes pain in the tooth.

Patients should be wary if the dentist can’t find the real reason of the pain. If a dentist suggests a root canal right away, go look for a second opinion.

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