Troubled Families at Risk of Poor Dental Health

poor dental health1According to the results of the latest study, dental health of kids and other family members are worse in troubled families. Constant violence and aggression expressed verbally become a part of a daily life and due to these stressful conditions kids have more cavities and their dental health is poor. The researchers from New York University discovered that people with bad oral health usually have partners who are more hostile in a verbal or physical way.

At the same time, kids in these troubled families who have dental problems usually have mothers that demonstrate certain aggression emotionally. Creating an emotionally bad environment that includes kicking and insults or threats can have an expression in general family oral health. In this sort of families parents underestimate such regular procedures as tooth brushing and the process of eating is full of stress.

There are a lot of examples of such families and the results of this research are not so surprising as they could be. Not just dentists find this association between negative environment and poor dental health. Dental hygienists point out the increased number of decayed or filled teeth during oral tests in this type of families. All of these family members expressed emotional aggression between each other and this fact influenced the oral health of kids.

Doctors do not consider that emotionally negative environment directly influences oral health but at the same time they can state that the immune system in kids from troubled families is depressed and in most cases tooth decay is found. During this aggression, the kids are usually left alone and that is why no one can control them in eating sugar or sweets. It is another way where the negative environment of the family influences the oral health of the kids. That is why family members need to take regular oral health examinations to prevent any dental problems.

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