Types of Possible Dental Examinations

Dental ExaminationsA complete dental examination is an obligatory part of any visit to the dentist. It is crucial to check your oral and dental health on a regular basis. It depends on your dental health how often you need to have a dental examination. It is really important that your dental technician would examine your dental health records to compare them with the present condition of your teeth. It will help the dentist to detect new changes in your dental health and to point out the present health problems.

Your examination will usually start with a visual check for your mouth, teeth and gums. Each of your teeth will be examined with the tool called the explorer. The mission of any examination is to detect stains, decay and any infection close to the gums. The conditions of your crowns and fillings will be checked as well. To get a more detailed examination of your oral and dental health you may be asked to have dental x-rays taken.

These pictures of your teeth will not only help the dentist see the existent problems but to diagnose any potential risks. Besides, there are a lot of methods to detect any potential dental problem. Dentists can also use oral cancer screenings, intra-oral pictures and dental x-rays. A patient can also take an active part in improving dental health by discussing all the concerns and worries he or she may have.

If you have problems with your teeth, you need to take an oral cancer screening exam. This exam will help to detect oral cancer on early stages of its development. An oral cancer exam can be performed visually but, if a dentist discovers an unusual spot, an oral surgeon can participate in getting a biopsy of the area with the purpose of further laboratory reviews.

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